What We Do

SME Bancorp is a family-owned business.

We have 20 years experience in providing alternative financing for clients and more than 40 years experience in the financial services industry.

We have also owned and operated small and medium enterprises. We know where you are coming from because we have been there. We know that you and your circumstances are unique. There are no cookie cutter solutions. That is why we take the time to know and understand you and your business. We are not an “algorithm”.

We are people with a wealth of real, live business experience and knowledge from which you can benefit.

Peter Browning, CPA, CA

Deborah Browning, BAA, BEd

Peter has 40 years experience in the financial services industry starting with Price Waterhouse.  Peter is the founder and chairman of the board of a number of businesses from different industries. Peter has published articles, given seminars, and appeared on television sharing his expertise and ability in the areas of financing, taxation, investments and corporate structuring.  Peter now focuses his expertise on providing a variety of financing options to small and medium business enterprises.  Drawing on his many years of business and professional expertise he provides businesses with advice that is pertinent, well thought out and based on live experience.

Prior to pursuing a career in Business Education, Deborah was employed by a major advertising agency.  She subsequently moved on to take the position of VP Marketing in a series of small and medium enterprises.  Through the diversity of her business and educational experience, Deborah brings an understanding of the needs of the entrepreneur and an ability to plan the strategy for success.  “Marketing” and “Communication” and their importance are the keystones that make Deborah an invaluable member of any business team. 

Industries We Serve